TCR welcomes online submissions via Submittable. We no longer accept paper submissions. General submissions will close during the month of January, but Lamar York prize submissions will be open during that time. Otherwise, we read year-round.

Call for Submissions: Migration. TCR seeks submissions for its Fall/Winter 2015 double issue with a special focus on Migration. Literal and figurative translations of the theme welcome. Not only flight, but also movement; not only movement, but also kinetics; not only kinetics, but also conflict; not only conflict, but also arrival; not only arrival, but also immersion. Dare to be topical, but also sincere. Microbiology, Animalia, suburbia, electronica, strataŚrelocate, dislocate, elocute. Deadline September 15, 2015, or until the issue fills. Note the call in a cover letter, but otherwise, follow the appropriate guidelines.

Since we acquire first North American rights, submissions should be works previously unpublished in North America. Please single-space between sentences. We appreciate a short cover letter with a concise bio that could be used should we publish the work. Please inform us of a simultaneous submission and email us immediately if the work is accepted elsewhere. Please do not mail or email submissions. To be fair to all submitters, these will be returned unread. Need to withdraw a poem or part of a poetry submission? Please withdraw the entire submission via Submittable. Need to withdraw another genre? Please do so via Submittable. Questions? Email us at

Familiarity with our journal is the best way to know whether or not work is right for us, and reading in general improves writing; we strongly encourage reading a sample copy or subscribing before submitting. Our current issue, Volume 34.1, is available in a Kindle Edition for $3.99, and the first issue under new editorship, featuring Aimee Bender and Natasha Trethewey, is available for $4 in PDF. Please consider reading an issue before submitting. Our response time averages three to four months, longer only in special circumstances. 

Submit only your very best work with our assurance it will be given every consideration.


TCR publishes original literary fiction characterized by interest in language, development of distinctive settings, compelling conflict, and complex, unique characters. Please read a sample copy. Submit one story or up to three short-shorts (500-1,000 words each). We consider longer stories and novellas.


TCR publishes excellent poetry of all types, including informal personal narratives, prose poems, and formal poems. Poetry should be single-spaced and include three to five poems per submission.


TCR publishes distinctive topical essays and personal creative nonfiction of any kind; this includes pieces that might fit into the memoir, travel, and historical nonfiction categories. We are not an academic journal and publish for a general readership. Above all, we are interested in publishing nonfiction that surprises and intrigues us. Submit one essay or up to three shorter essays (500-1,000 words each).


TCR publishes interviews with writers of all kinds: literary, academic, journalistic, and popular. Interviews have featured Kwame Dawes, Tony Grooms, Wells Tower, Larry Brown, Claude Wilkinson, Ferreira Gullar, and Kunal Basu. Please query us at with a proposal for a particular interview.


TCR publishes reviews of current fiction, poetry, and nonfiction books, especially those from writers with an innovative approach to subject matter. Several related works may be reviewed at more length in a review essay that engages critical issues not appropriate to a single review. We are always in search of new reviewers. Please query us at about the possibility of a particular review or review essay, specifying your credentials for the review.


TCR welcomes English translations of all genres from other languages, in which case brief biographies of the authors and translators should be included. Translators must have permission from the authors before submitting.


TCR accepts visual art submissions, photography included, by invitation only.


All contributors receive two copies.


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